Climbing in Málaga


¿Do you like climbing and reaching places where others will not?

With this outdoor activity we will be introduced to the technical side of climbing. This is a sport which combines climbing natural rock walls and abseiling down these same rocks when everyone has reached the highest point of the wall. Whilst doing this activity we will release adrenaline and we will be able to enjoy the spectacular nature which surrounds us in this natural reserve.
And, What are the Vias Ferratas?
This is rock climbing but ascending using iron rungs from which a vertical line is hung. There could also be bridges, zip lines, abseiling…
If yours is sport climbing, then we recommend Malaga, El Chorro and El Caminito del Rey, they are some of the most recommended and recognized areas by climbers around the world.
And if what you are concerned about is security, do not worry. At Aventúrate Sierra de las Nieves you can always count on professional and highly experienced guides.



Duration of the activity: 3-4h

Physical Difficulty: All levels

Suitable for all family

Climbing Via Ferrata Tajo de Ronda


Duration of the activity: 2h

Physical Difficulty: low/ medium difficulty

Suitable for all family

Climbing Via Ferrata Benahojan


Duration of the activity: 2h

Physical Difficulty: medium difficulty

Need walking experience/ Suitable for all family

Climbing Via Ferrata Caminito del REy

Duration of the activity: 2h

Physical Difficulty: High difficulty

Need walking experience


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This is just a sample of the multiple areas where you can climb or Via Ferrata in Malaga.


If the activity you are looking for is not on the calendar, or you have any questions. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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