Spring in Sierra de las Nieves

Spring is coming to Sierra de las Nieves, enjoy it from home, there will be time to lie down in the grass and enjoy the aroma that nature gives off.

Spring is here and although we cannot recreate walking,

contemplating, exercising ... in short, ENJOYING IN NATURE.

It is time to recreate with the family, or enjoy the
loneliness, to meet oneself and those around us either close or in

Time to return to pending tasks at home, to make lists
with future plans and to prioritize and give importance to things really
important, time to read without haste, to cook carefully, to clean with "time"
and to think ...

Yes, think, think that our priorities can
change from one day to the next, thinking that what we consider important, inescapable
or vital, IT IS NOT.

Think about how we could help, what we could do, and ...
if those thoughts from now ... will have the same importance when the end of the

But above all, think about the opportunity that we are
shielding our planet to recover a little, to breathe without
fumes, and grow without human incursion.

Ultimately, it's time to #Stay at Home, enjoy that "tranquility"
today, which you will have to organize tomorrow.

The Aventierta Sierra de las Nieves team wishes that everyone and
each one of you is healthy and with some savings that you
help pass the confinement without extra worries.

And remind you when all this happens, we will be here, waiting for you
with open arms and our teams ready to enjoy the
nature, adventure, company and outdoor fun.


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